About Collectif 2015


The Armenian genocide, planned and carried out by the Turkish State in 1915–1916 after years of persecution and mass killings, wiped the Armenians from the better part of their country. This people was massacred in the most atrocious conditions where they lived, or were deported to the Syrian and Iraqi deserts where they perished.

The present dossier is an application for repairs addressed to the Turkish State by a collective of descendants of the survivors and, in particular, an application for the restitution of all Armenian national assets – monuments and properties designed for use by the Armenian community – confiscated by the Turkish State. The present dossier, with its rich iconographic content, is designed to explain and document the demand.

It will also enable those who support this procedure to associate themselves with this first step toward justice and reparation.

Collectif 2015 : reparation

International Union of Land and Culture Organizations